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On Center for Disease Control:

Addressing Emerging Infectious Disease Threats: A Prevention Strategy for the United States 

Requirements for Items of Protective Clothing (ANNEX 6) This list describes the generic requirements for ordering or purchasing protective clothing from commercial vendors (updated 04/30/99)

Who Should Wear Protective Clothing: All doctors nurses and health care workers who provide direct patient care to suspected VHF patients All support staff who clean the isolation room handle contaminated supplies and equipment launder reusable....(updated 04/30/99)

ALERT: Preventing Allergic Reactions to Natural Rubber Latex in the Workplace June 1997 DHHS (NIOSH) Publication No. 97-135
The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) requests assistance in preventing allergic reactions to natural rubber latex* among workers who use gloves and other products containing latex. Latex gloves have proved effective in preventing transmission of many infectious diseases to health care workers. But for some workers, exposures to latex may result in skin rashes; hives; flushing; itching; nasal, eye, or sinus symptoms; asthma; and (rarely) shock. Reports of such allergic reactions to latex have increased in recent years --especially among health care workers.

At present, scientific data are incomplete regarding the natural history of latex allergy. Also, improvements are needed in methods used to measure proteins causing latex allergy. This Alert presents the existing data and describes six case reports of workers who developed latex allergy. The document also presents NIOSH recommendations for minimizing latex-related health problems in workers while protecting them from infectious materials. These recommendations include reducing exposures, using appropriate work practices, training and educating workers, monitoring symptoms, and substituting non-latex products when appropriate.

NIOSH requests that employers, owners, editors of trade journals, safety and health officials, and labor unions bring the recommendations in this Alert to the attention of all workers who may be exposed to latex.

*In this document, the term "latex" refers to natural rubber latex and includes products made from dry natural rubber. Natural rubber latex is the product manufactured from a milky fluid derived mainly from the rubber tree, Hevea brasiliensis.

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